At The Children´s Hospital Sachsska in Stockholm three videoworks from October 2012 are integrated
in the caring context. One work is shown on a screen in a waiting-room. Two works can be viewed on
small screens in boxes with creative material adapted for separate rooms.
The works are:
”I björkskogen” från 1998 av Lotta Döbling
”No Space like Home” från 2006 av Lisa Jeannin och Rolf Schurmanns
”Bastet”från 2008 av Alicija Rogalska
The projekt: An other movement was initiated by Twochange with support from SLL
and with the strong support by personell at ward 74; The Children´s Hospital Sachsska.
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"I björkskogen" "Bastet" "No space like home"
Excerpt from  FIA/PARABOLA video festival programme
13:45-14:15 Twochange (SE)
- Avenue du peuple, Zhenchen Liu, 2012 (04:24)
- Pilgrimage, Zhenchen Liu, 2010 (32:00)
Twochange is a producer and agent for video art
proudly presents at the Parabola video festival 2012 the chinese artist Zhenchen Liu.
Liu has focused on a few phenomenon in the two video work under the theme centre – periphery.
In the work Pilgrimage the endless stream when 28000 art students walking to apply for entering the prestigious
Artistic High School in Huangzhou. In the work People´s Avenue we  see how citizens on bicycles showing their tribut to
the former leader Hu Yaobang. We hope that these new works of Zhenchen Liu will meet a new bigger audience.
twochange twochange twochange
Pilgrimage Avenue du peuple PARABOLA/Tensta